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My son Mason has MMA mut 0. He is now 22 years old and is doing so well that I wanted to write another little story for this fantastic newsletter. He did appear some years ago. Just a brief history. Like everyone else’s story he was very sick when he was born and had trouble being diagnosed. This common thread is well written about and I try not to remember much of it, but I know that many people are still there. There were not many happy stories 22 years ago. I want to focus on the present as I never thought it would be possible. Mason had a liver transplant at 18 months. His kidneys failed at 7. He had a kidney transplant at 8. His kidney again failed at 18 and he received another transplant at 20. He has had extended periods of great health as he is having now.

​He is a very happy active outgoing young man who gets the very best out of life. He may also read this so I will remain positive. He has a car, a job and savings that he wants to put towards an investment property. We have been blessed with a health system that does the hard things well and the simple things (talking) terribly. The result is a well boy and a cranky Dad. I have been on many committees to discuss departments sharing information etc. I won’t get started. (Positive.)  Of course, Mason still has many medications and relatively few doctor’s appointments. We are both enjoying his good fortune.
Best wishes to you and your families.

NSW Australia
From the Spring 2019 OAA Newsletter

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