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Demo Derby Sibling Honors Brother and others with Organic Acidemias!

Isovaleric Acidemia

I grew up an avid Nascar fan. My family was a mix of Bill Elliott and Dale Earnhardt Sr. fans. I always dreamed of one day getting to race in some way shape or form so really it’s a dream come true. I knew that if I ever raced just like with my demolition derbying I wanted it to having meaning behind it as well that’s why I chose to bring awareness for the families affected by these rare diseases and the OAA. Three of my siblings have Isovaleric Acidemia (IVA). We lost Brandon in 2000 because we were not aware of him having the disease as it was before the state of Virginia tested for it on the newborn screening tests. I was 4 years old at the time of his passing and he was only 28 days old. My other two siblings with IVA were tested at birth and able to be treated. They live a normal life other than the medications they have to take daily. Their names are Christian and Jake. The number of my car is for him number 03 in honor of his birthday being on the 3rd of October.


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