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Glutaric Acidemia, Type 1

Hi.   My name is Josh, I am 23 and I have GA1 also known as Glutaric Acidemia Type 1. I have had this from age 2 it is cause from to much protein. I am a member of OAA so I can get people to come to my site and I can help them out by emailing and chatting with them. I like to help people with disorders and things. I have met people with the OAA and I helped them get a bill passed for newborn testing in West Virginia.  I tell about that on my site.  I would really like to tell more about me.  I like to talk on the phone, chat, work and go for walks.  Now more about GA1 and things.  I use to go to Pittsburgh to the Children’s Hospital.  I use to go there for doctor appointments.  I don’t how much, but it was a lot.  I haven’t been there for years now.  So I have been doing good.  I am off my low protein diet.  I was on it for years, but the doctors said I could be taken off it.  I graduated school on the honor roll in 2002.  I went to West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Center in 2004 and they kicked me out in 2005 or something like that.  I forget what year, but why they kicked me out is because they were scared I would fall and get hurt and get a law suit.  I still don’t think that was right.  But you can read more on my site about it. That’s the end of my story. 

Thanks your GA1 friend Josh

New Martinsville WV

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