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Hi everyone! My name is Amber and I have MMA- CblA. My mom has written a few articles about me in previous issues when I was younger, but I thought I would share an update. Recently, I have graduated from Appalachian State University with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics. My diagnosis has always led me to a love for nutrition and figured I would take it to the next step. In August, I will start graduate school at Appalachian State University for a Master of Science degree in Nutrition and my Dietetic Internship. I am ecstatic to start a new program and see where my interest in nutrition leads me. When not in school or studying, I enjoy taking my dog for a walk, spending time with friends, and painting.

In the past few months, my dietitian and medical team at UNC-Chapel Hill Hospitals have decided I consume enough dietary protein to decrease my intake of Propimex-2 and oral B12. I used to consume 70 grams of Propimex-2 daily, but now I take 50 grams 3-4 days a week. I am still getting used to this dramatic change but it is a lot easier when I travel for vacation to not pack a lot of Propimex-2. I still take my B12 orally 3-4 days a week and try to take it the same days I take Propimex-2. I mix 4oz. of cow’s milk with my Propimex-2 to create a shake-like texture and have adapted to the taste. On top of MMA, I have a severe egg allergy which makes eating difficult. I am thankful for this decrease in my diet but need to ensure I am consuming enough dietary protein to make up for it. As far as dietary protein goes, I shoot for 40-60g a day but do not keep a food record. I do not eat a lot of meat still and never go over my daily protein recommendation. I visit UNC-Chapel Hill Hospitals annually and also get labs taken annually to see how my body is responding to these changes. I am especially thankful for my dietitian, Emily Ramsey, who helped me gain experience in the field and help guide me through my dietary changes!

Please feel free to reach out to me!
Greensboro, NC

(Amber with her dog Zoey and friend Sumi)
From the Summer 2021 OAA Newsletter

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