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Propionic Acidemia

Well, it is time to check in since it’s been a while.

My husband decided after 12 years of marriage (the day after) that he no longer loved me nor wanted to be married. He’d actually decided this much earlier but told me this the day after our 12th Anniversary. One reason is that I am sick too much. I write this because this is the newsletter about our diseases. My husband (Ex now) donated his Kidney to me seven years ago with the expectation that I would get healthier and would be able to work again. That did not come true. He did not like being the one making all the money in the relationship. There were other issues as well; but needless to say, we got a Divorce almost a year ago.

I was devastated and it was only for friends, family and Faith that I got through it. But, I cannot believe where I am now.

I am discovering ME!

I am back to my maiden name! Plus, I have taken my dog and cat and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada! It is beautiful here with the mountains and, Yes, I even love the heat. I have just purchased a 3 bed/2 bath single-family house. So, excited to start updating and decorating to make it mine!

The Ex does not know where I am and can only reach me by e-mail if he so desires: which he has not tried since I told him to “Please Leave Us Alone”. With God’s help, I am on this new adventure.

Las Vegas, NV

From the Fall 2014 OAA Newsletter

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