Propionic Acidemia

11/24/1993 – 8/16/2007

Davide wrote these words for an Easter celebration at school this year:

For me life can be defined a gift that is given us by God
and by other persons
and we must live it completely and at our best.
It is wrong to think
that life is ugly only because we are in trouble
or we can’t succeed in doing something.
Life is endless because it comes from God.

Story on Davide, Simone and Luca as told in the
January 1999 OAA Newsletter


Davide’s two siblings also had Propionic Acidemia. Davide joins them as Angels in Heaven.  Read the full story >

Simone (7/15/1996 - 9/28/1997)
Luca (11-23-1992 - 12/8/1992)
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