(Ann-Marie with her sisters)

Ann-Marie Lynn

Propionic Acidemia

September 29, 1997 – March 11, 2002

The hate and sadness
Running through your mind
You looking for some one
You will not find
Her body’s there
But she is not
You know that she’s gone
You miss her a lot.
Her little hands
Her body so small
You’re looking around
Waiting for her call
Her precious soul
Was taken away
Although there’s no way
That she could’ve stayed
It may seem like time
Is going too slow
Remember the good things
Where did they go?
Through your fingers
She has fallen
If you listen to the wind
You’ll here her calling
She’ll always be there
Inside your heart
She is not with you,
But you never did part
She’ll always be there
Where ever you’ll be
For inside you
Is every memory.
Forget the bad times
Remember the fun
And always remember
Her life is not done.
I will always remember the
cute way you’d laugh
and the sweet touch of your hand. 
Rest now darling. 
Sleep and dream.
For now you shall never feel pain again.

​We all love you Annie Bananie!

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