Mark Korson, MD

VMP Genetics

Dr. Korson graduated in medicine from the University of Toronto and completed a pediatric residency at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, followed by a genetics/metabolism fellowship at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. He directed the metabolic clinics at Boston Children’s Hospital until 2000 and across town at Tufts Medical Center until 2014. In 2007, he co-founded and continues to co-direct the SIMD’s North American Metabolic Academy.

In 2017, Dr. Korson joined VMP Genetics as Director of Education and Physician Support Services, providing remote consultative assistance to clinicians at 10 major academic medical centers caring for patients with proven or suspected metabolic disease. He has significant experience in creating innovative educational resources about metabolic diseases for non-genetic clinicians so that they can play more of a role in patient diagnosis and management. Also at VMP Genetics, he directs the Patient-Teacher Registry and Patient-Teacher Video Catalog, with the aim of ensuring that the patient voice plays a bigger role in the education of health professionals. Regionally, Dr. Korson is on the board of the New England Regional Genetics Network, and as a founding board member of Rare New England, hosts the annual Rare Disease Day Speakers Series in New England and their online Medical Genetics Career Fairs.


VMP Genetics, LLC
Director of Physician Support
Director of Education
Atlanta, GA

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