HemoShear is driven to apply our scientific insights to develop medicines that improve the lives of patients with rare diseases. We are committed to understanding and helping meet the needs of patients and their families. We are developing a potential treatment for methylmalonic acidemia (MMA) and propionic acidemia (PA) called HST5040. Our laboratory research shows that HST5040 has the potential to reduce toxins that impact the entire body. The drug is designed to be conveniently administered daily at home as a liquid taken either orally or through a gastric feeding tube.

You can watch this video to learn how MMA and PA affect the body and about experimental treatment HST5040 being developed to treat these rare diseases:  https://vimeo.com/578152102

Research & Studies

HemoShear is sponsoring the HERO (HElp Reduce Organic Acids) clinical study to assess experimental treatment HST5040 in patients with MMA and PA. HERO is being conducted with patients aged 2 years and older at select research centers across the United States. Information about HERO can be found on the study website or on Clinicaltrial.gov.

HemoShear is also the sponsor of the JUMP (Journey to Understand MMA and PA) natural history study being conducted with AllStripes.  JUMP is designed to build understanding of the natural course of MMA and PA for families, researchers, clinicians and industry. You can visit AllStripes to sign up to contribute:



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You can learn more about HemoShear at www.hemoshear.com. You can sign up to receive information from HemoShear on our patient page:  https://hemoshear.com/patients

If you have questions, you can email patients@hemoshear.com

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