Propionic Acidemia

1/19/2002 – 4/28/2010

Yesterday gone
Yesterday to soon
Tomorrow come
Tomorrow gone

My heart is full of sunlight
Sunlight disappear in my soul.
Pain come
Pain disappear

Joy break through my thought s
Joy is a thorn in my flesh
Nothing more.
Lost, the day I had to let you go.

Grace for you
But ungracious the emptiness in my soul
Showered with uncertainness and distress
Sorrowful heart divided with a drowning pain

Rock of my life
Jesus Christ Emmanuel
God with us?

Not this Lord, not this
Lord, so sudden
So sudden
Not enough time

Love everlasting
But suffering to much to deal with
Memories fresh,
Memories open

Laugh with a mask
Smile with a falsehood at the world
They want me to forget you.

Never will I forget
I will keep your memory close.
Very close to my broken heart.

Born out of me
But back to our Maker
Borrowed time
Time missed with you

Jesus waited for you.
Mommy cried to Jesus to save your life
But He knew that you could not go on.
I had to let you go.
“Mommy’s angel. I am so sorry. Mommy can’t help you. I am so sorry. Mommy sees your suffering. Mommy will let you go to Jesus. Safely in His arms I let you go. Mommy loves you so much, always.
Softly you breathe out your last air.

This un-bearable sorrow will with time pass to
But without you life will never be the same. 

Sleep now softly
Tomorrow the sun shine again
Mommy’s angel
Softly in mommy’s arm.
Rest now
Softly now to Jesus.
Sleep in heaven with God
Sunshine again.
Laugh now with Jesus
Jesus love’s you.
(a poem of a mommy’s grieve and loss of her precious darling angel)

In memory of Vivian (PA) 2002/01/19 – 2010/04/28.
We miss our daughter so much. Her place is empty, but we grieve with hope to see her again one day. in heaven.  God willing.
Thank you to Organic Acidemia Association for your support over the year’s. We have learned to deal with life in a different way and could do it all over again.

Joss and Ciska 
South Africa
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