Trish (Mary)


12/23/72 – 10/23/2009

My Sister, My Friend
by: Karen Perkins 10/25/09
She wasn’t just my sister, she was in fact my friend.
We shared a special bond, right up to the end.
Feelings that weren’t spoken were always understood.
No matter how bad the situation, we both could find the good.

Of course now we were sisters, so at times we disagreed.
We always could work through it, time was all that we would need.

Her strength matched her beauty, down to her very heart and soul.
She made the very best of life, never expecting to get old.
She found flavor where none was, she found beauty that escaped all the rest of us.

She always had a plan for each and every day,
and disliked it very much when it didn’t work her way.
Never willing to settle, she always searched for more.
And I know that she found it on heaven’s golden shore.

The pain that she did suffer has all been washed away.
I know that she rejoices, for peace she found that day.
Our family gone before her, they met her at the gate.
They were so glad to see her and let her know it was worth the wait.

My sister she lives on in the hearts of all she knew.
A little piece of me is now a piece of you.
You know that if she loved you that she loves you still.
The fact that she’s not here with us, 
Well, that is just God’s will.

My sister she’s an angel sitting at God’s right hand.
She left to go and help carry out his perfect plan.

When the wind blows gently by you,
and the air smells a little sweet,
My sister came and gently brushed your cheek.

Don’t be sad she told us,
and please try to understand,
it was her time to go,
this was her final plan.

Hold on to your memories they will surely make you smile.
We know that we will see her, even if it takes a while.

So, dance when it is raining,
sing aloud when you choose,
make the best of what your given,
thats what my sister used to do.​
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