(Methylmalonic Acidemia, Mut 0)

August 28, 2022 – December 28, 2005

Bless This Family With Eternal Grace
Copyright Kerri A. Gerke

Lord, be with these parents and ease their suffering
Their child was their ultimate offering
Let them find comfort in Your arms
Knowing their child faces no more harm
Losing a child seems so wrong
Help them move on now that she is gone
Their angel has gone home at last
Never to feel the pains of past
The parental love will forever be
Breaking the boundaries of eternity
An emptiness is left behind
This family needs You during this time
Help them to grieve the child they love
Help them find comfort in her eternity above
Sydney forever will be in their hearts
This child knows they are only a life apart
For there will come a glorious day
This family will reunite in Your name
In Your home of eternal splendor
The pain felt now, never again remembered
Ease this family’s pain, holding them in your hand
Until such time as You decide they leave this land
Once again to be with their daughter dear
And again to their heart, hold her near
From this world was taken an angelic face
Now Lord, hold this family in your eternal grace
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