Propionic Acidemia

September 28, 1999 – October 5, 2021

Dearest Lara, We will ever be thankful…

For the love that you conveyed.
For the joy that you portrayed.
And for never being afraid.

For being entertaining.
For enduring without complaining.
For your “in the moment” training.

For shaking burdens from your shoulder.
For never getting older.
For having the courage of a soldier.

For singing out of tune.
For acting like a loon.
For discovering another moon.

For putting up a fight.
For dancing with delight.
For the shining of your light.

For inhabiting your space
And joining the human race
With that smile upon your face.

For overcoming lack.
For always bouncing back
When life would go off track

For closing all the rifts.
For getting lost in lifts.
For being Gods greatest gift.

For the strength that you displayed.
For the beauty you never betrayed.
For calling a spade a spade.

These words try to convey,
In your unique and loving way
You showed us how to seize the day.

For walking the path of the few
And just for being you
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Written by: Auntie Lin

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