Propionic Acidemia

September 28, 1999 – October 5, 2021

Beloved daughter of Russell and Janice, slipped peacefully into the arms of her Heavenly Father after fighting a lifelong battle with propionic acidemia. During her life Kristin overcame many obstacles of physical and mental disability and loved life in her world to the fullest. For Kristin each day was a beautiful day and her smile brought joy to all those around her.

Kristin loved the outdoors, the country, and especially trips to the beach to feel the sea breeze on her face and to listen to the seagulls. Kristin was surrounded by many animals at home which she adored. Her labradors kept an ever watchful eye on her and were rarely out of sight. She was a big fan of Clifford, Elmo, Blues Clues, and swinging a glowing light saber. Being quite musical, Kristin enjoyed the piano, drums, the accordion and humming tunes, but Kristin’s favorite activity was watching and listening to her favorite U2 concert, the louder the better.

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