Hannah Lynn

Propionic Acidemia

May 18, 1983 – November 20,  2010

On March 19th, 2005 Hannah Lynn  was born, little did we know how our lives would change but change they did.  A year before, on December 30, 2003 Hannah’s sister, Ashleigh was born and with her birth we were introduced to a disorder we had never heard about, MMA.  We brought Ashleigh home and we were overjoyed but three days later our joy would turn to anguish, Ashleigh would not eat and when she did, she would spit up and then she would not wake up.  We took her to the hospital at 2am on her third day at home and an hour later we were on our way to Emory.  Ashleigh was place on life support and on January 8th, 2004 we had to make a decision I still find hard to fathom, we had to remove her from life support and say goodbye.

We spent the next year learning all we could about MMA; we would be prepared if and when it happened again.  Then on March 19th, 2005 Hannah arrived.  She was tested immediately and we were told that she too had the disorder.  But this time we were prepared, we knew what to do and things would be much different.  And for the first 2 years Hannah brought so much joy into our lives.  She was a brave girl.  She took in stride all that her disorder heaped upon her, her micky button, her B-12 shots four times a week, the regular trips to the doctor and the occasional hospital stay.   Then a glorious day arrived, March 19th, 2007, Hannah’s 2nd birthday and we breathed a sigh of relief for we were told that the first two years were the most critical.  Then came April 5th, Hannah, for the first time in her life was sick.  She was not her normal smiling, happy self, we knew something was wrong so we did not hesitate; we bypassed our local hospitals and took her to Emory.

The first couple of days were the hardest, Hannah did not respond well to treatment but that all changed on the third day, she was sitting up and hollering.  The doctors told us she would be fine and we could take her home in a couple of days.  Then at 7pm on April 10th Hannah relapsed, she stopped breathing once but came back but than at 8:36pm she was gone.  We were devastated…….we still are.  How could it go so wrong!  How could it happen twice!  So many questions: so few answers.

It has been 512 days since Hannah died and although we still cry every day and we miss her and her sister so very much we cannot help but be grateful for all Hannah and Ashleigh have taught us.  Ashleigh showed us that although her time was short her purpose was served; she taught us about MMA and prepared us for the arrival of Hannah.  Hannah taught us to cherish every moment because they will never come again.  Hannah showed us bravery and courage far beyond that you would think a 2 year old would be capable of. 

Hannah gave us a joy and happiness that we will cherish the rest of our lives.  Hannah was unique.  She touched everyone she met and she was a teacher to the doctors that took care of her.  MMA was a virtual unknown disorder in our city before Hannah came.  Now there are at least 2 doctors that have a better understanding of MMA and know both its symptoms and treatment options and for that they have Hannah to thank, not bad for a 2yr old.  You came into our lives when we needed you the most.  You helped us heal the wounds from the loss of your sister, Ashleigh.

For two short years you were our world and our joy.  The brief moment we spent with you was the most precious and dearest to us.  I shall never forget how you loved to play in your walker, played pat-a-cake by grabbing our hands and clapping them together, or how you would jump up and down in our arms until we were exhausted.  We often told you that you needed your own entertainment committee because you loved to be entertained.  We loved taking you with us while we did our shopping and how you sat patiently in the shopping cart while playing with your toys.  When we walked in the room and said “Hannah bear” your eyes would light up and the biggest grin appeared.  That smile could make any dark day bright again.

Those were the precious times that we shall never forget and forever treasure.  They say only time will heal the pain of loosing you, but it’s hard to imagine it will.  Our time for creating memories with you are gone.  This is your time to be with your big sister, Ashleigh, so go and play her and make memories together.  Say “hello” to her and tell her we miss her too.  This is not “good-bye” but rather we will see you soon.  Thank you for making our world just a little bit sweeter and brighter for a moment.  We miss you bear……but we will see you again.  Until then, run with Ashleigh, laugh often and take care of each other until we are together again.  We love you both very, very much and while we wish you both were still with us we know that you served your purpose and for that we are grateful.  Take care babies… mommy and daddy will see you soon!!

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