Propionic Acidemia

August 21, 1997 – November 12, 2014

Always Remembered Never Forgotten

He passed away November 12, 2014
His death took us by surprise
Never again will we hear or see him smile
Or look into his Loving eyes
His body is cold
Yet his hands are warm
His eyes are closed
And we realize he’s gone
We are both in the room
And we feel so alone

Knowing that our boy
will not be coming home
The day the machines were turned off
Was the hardest decision we had to make
But now his life has ended
All we can do is grieve
We know your in good hands
The three hour drive home
God only knows how we made it!
Living with unbearable pain
Even when the sun shines
All we see is rain
The tears echo in our hearts
There is a gaping hole in our heart
‘Cause it seems he was too young
And everyone agrees
Cause Emilo was only 17
Pray you are running and enjoying
a new life in the Heavens
with your brother and family
wait for us, as we will be holding both
of you again One day.

Son of Jimmy and Nor

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