Kathy Stagni, Executive Director

(Propionic Acidemia Parent)

Kathy Stagni is the mother of a 33-year-old daughter diagnosed at 4 days of age with Propionic Acidemia, an inborn error of metabolism. From that moment, she made it her mission to advocate for her daughter as well as others affected by similar life-threatening disorders.
Twenty-five years ago, Kathy assumed leadership of the Organic Acidemia Association (OAA) as its Executive Director. Kathy was appointed to the Minnesota Department of Health, Newborn Screening Advisory Committee in 1999 as parent advocate and later as Co-Chair.  Kathy currently remains a member of the committee. Kathy testified to the Minnesota Legislature in March 2003 which later approved expanded newborn screening for inherited disorders in the state of Minnesota – including many of those represented by the OAA.
In addition to her extensive volunteer work, Kathy has spent her professional career working primarily in senior administrative roles in Human Resources for United Healthcare, UCare, Fairview Health Services and Cargill. She is presently employed with Medtronic.
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