OAA Parent-Led Board of Directors

The OAA Board of Directors are parents with children with organic acidemias.  Each board member volunteers their time to empower families and healthcare professionals with knowledge in organic acidemia metabolic disorders.

Kathy Stagni, Executive Director

(Propionic Acidemia Parent)

Kathy Stagni is the mother of a 33 year-old daughter diagnosed at 4 days of age with Propionic Acidemia. From that moment, she made it her mission to advocate for her daughter as well as others affected by similar life-threatening disorders.

Menta Pitre, Director

(MMA Cbl C Parent)

Menta Pitre is the mom to Ashtyn, MMA Cobalamin C (age 27). She has been a member of the OAA board for over 20 years. Menta lives with her daughter and husband Jamie in Southern Louisiana.

Cay Welch, Director

(Glutaric Acidemia, Type 1 Parent)

Cay Welch is the mother of a GA-1 child, Michael Metil, who passed away 2009. A cofounder of International Organization of Glutaric Acidemia. Advocated a number of years testifying in various states for expanded newborn screening programs.

Jana Monaco, Advocacy Liaison

(Isovaleric Acidemia Parent)

Jana Monaco is the mother of four children and two of them have a rare inborn error of metabolism called (IVA). Stephen, now 24, suffered severe brain damage at age 3 ½ leaving him with severe disabilities and medical issues due to lack of comprehensive newborn screening at birth.

Karen Dalton, Finance Director

(MMA CBl C Parent)

My name is Karen Dalton. I’m a proud Mom to my son Michael who was diagnosed with MMA Cobalamin C at 6 months of age. At the time, there wasn’t Newborn Screening for MMA, so he was undiagnosed for a long time.

Erin MacLean, Director

(MMA Mut 0 Parent)

Erin MacLean is from Sandwich, MA. I am the mother to William and Andrew (MMA Mut0 2001-2018). I have a background in medical assisting and graduated nursing school in 2015.

Allison Wood, Director

(Glutaric Acidemia, Type 1 Parent)

Allison Wood is a parent of a child with Glutaric Acidemia type 1 (GA-1). She is a certified genetic counselor who is passionate about rare disease diagnostics and the family journey through genetic testing. She works for a genetic diagnostics company as a Genetic Services Consultant. 

Richard Bazzy, Director

(Isovaleric Acidemia Parent)

Richard Bazzy is a single father of two children, Robert, age 30 and Melinda, age 32. Robert has Isovaleric Acidemia (IVA) and severe autism. Melinda is a carrier of IVA and is an elementary school teacher.

Our OAA Board

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